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Hilsen til People's Movement fra Nei til EU

Nei til EU har sendt støttehilsen til Peoples Movement i Irland for å ønske dem lykke til i folkeavstemninga fredag.

Dear friends,


Be greeted.


Norwegian ’No to EU’ sends its most heartfelt and democratic support to the People’s Movement.


’No to EU’ is opposed to Norwegian membership of the European Union, we say Yes to Europe but No to the EU if you get the meaning.


We believe membership of the European Union will be detrimental for the future development of Norway, in much the same way the People’s Movement opposes the Lisbon Treaty.


We hope to be able to celebrate a victorious campaign and we wish you the very best of luck for the remaining few days.


’No to EU’ looks forward to developing closer links with the People’s Movement in the future.



Yours sincerely,


Heming Olaussen



No to EU


Nei til EU

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0191 Oslo


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