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NtEU Facts: 9 or 75 per cent in the EU?

We have received questions from people not believing our claim of less than 10 per cent of EU lawmaking adopted into the EEA agreement. We can of course back up our figures. 

You can find the figures in question in our fact sheet “What is the difference between EU membership and the EEA agreement?”

The numbers in for the years 2000-2013 were gathered from EUR-Lex on 1s September 2014, by using the advanced search function , with a separate search for each year. The numbers include all adopted legislation: regulations, directives and other legal decisions – and agreements with other countries, which of course is also part of the EU legal framework for member states.

The UK government has claimed that Norway has to adopt three quarter of EU regulations. The source for the claim is the Norwegian Europautredningen (NOU 2012:2).

In fact, the Europautredningen, gives a similar estimated percentage as No to the EU, when including also Schengen and other Norway-EU agreements: 10-15 percent (page 793): “On this basis it can be assumed that Norway each year adopts between 10 and 15 per cent of new directives and regulations adopted in the EU, through EEA and the other agreements” (Our translation).

The much disputed three quarter claim does come from the Europautredningen, or “roughly 3/4” as they put it (page 803). This estimate was made by counting the chapters of the then EU-Iceland membership negotiation, and comparing which chapters are EEA relevant, and which are not. This is of course too vague. The chapters vary greatly in scope and legislation.

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